NEW Ingersoll Rand ST2000 Turbine Air Starter - Lightweight and Durable Air Starter Boosts Productivity

The Ingersoll Rand ST2000 Air Starter represents a remarkable combination of power and durability, specially crafted to effortlessly start engines ranging from 15 to 150 liters. Weighing a mere 40 pounds, this lightweight package delivers an impressive 70hp punch, thanks to its ingeniously designed inline turbine that maximizes air consumption efficiency. With its advanced design, the ST2000 offers enhanced protection for engine and starter components, while its built-in slip clutch eliminates the jarring impact during start-ups, resulting in a longer product lifespan. Even under the most challenging conditions, the single-stage solid billet aluminum turbine motor persists in effortlessly starting engines. Furthermore, the ST2000 boasts a self-applying extended pilot flange and ergonomic features, making installation a safer, quicker, and strain-free task for a single person. If you seek a potent and dependable air starter for your engines, the ST2000 is an exceptional choice. Call 1-800-353-4676 to order yours today!

Jun 9th 2023 Zampini Industrial Group -

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